How is it possible to increase your muscle mass? The muscle size and strength can be achieved with improves of neurological control of muscle cells by brain and spine. Neurological control can be improved with constant and high repetition of different moves. This leads to change in nerve connections and activates the thresholds.
Almost every fitness junkie knows you can increase the muscle growth as you trigger mechanical and metabolic stress. The muscle growth takes place because of extra contractile proteins produced by the muscle cells. This is achieved with a process named as Hypertrophy.

Improving Muscle Cells Instead of Enlarging Them


The muscle cells remain as the largest individual cells in thebody. These contain a considerable amount of mess proteins, which slide the past and cause thelength of themuscle cell to shorten up. Because of the size of themuscle cell, it needs a lot of nuclei to support cell functions. The same is with bodybuilding and weight training, which will stimulate contractile protein and muscle nuclei. The inactive stem cells around muscle fiber are stimulated to fuse with muscle fiber. This is different as compared to myonuclei and helps to support additional contractile proteins.

The Difference Between Peptides and Steroids

Despite being safe and natural, the Peptides have following differences as compared to steroids:
• It grows new muscle cells which help you to lean, shredded and quality muscles
• Steroids on the other hand only increase thesize of already existing muscle cells; this helps to bulk up with less definition and low-quality muscles. It only helps you to bulk up

GH Levels and Effects

The High-intensity training helps to achieve this. GH and testosterone can also do the trick. With the Aging process, growth hormone and testosterone levels fall. These can increase after exercise. The growth hormone can be further elevated by BodybuildingPeptides which are designed to stimulate therelease of GH from pituitary gland. There are two types of bodybuildingpeptide, and they are named as below:

• Growth Hormone Stimulating Peptides
• Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides

The growth hormones have additional benefits as well. It stimulates the growth of connective tissue around themuscle. It improves the recovering and repair of connective tissue after intense training.

Bodybuilding Peptides, Triggering Release of IGF 1 in Blood

This remains one of the main effects of GH. It triggers the liver to produce and to release the insulin-like growth factor 1, dubbed as IGF 1. The trigger takes place within cells, and it stimulates cell multiplication with anincrease in thesize of the cell.

The Growth Hormone Levels in blood are controlled by negative feedback mechanism GH and IGF-1. These two inhibit blood to release GHRH from Hypothalamus. This improves the SST release from thehypothalamus and decreases GH release from Pituitary gland. This change will reduce the GH product unless the blood levels fall and negative feedback is relieved. This perfectly shows how peptides are different safe as compared to steroids. In simple words, this gave a clear cut idea how peptide is the better option.

Role of Peptides in Bodybuilding